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Need An Effective Rodent Control Service In Riverside? We’re Here!

You don’t have to live another day with rats.  Our rodent control specialists can carefully inspect your property to create a custom plan that fits your needs and budget. And with your approval, we will start on your service today.
Your home will be protected with all the latest techniques in trap-outs, bait stations, and proofing. Now you can sleep at night knowing your home is rat-free.

Pro Pacific vs. DIY Products

Getting rid of rats is challenging without professional pest control treatment. Do-It-Yourself techniques are not effective. Why waste an entire day and hard-earned money trying to remove rats yourself?

Here’s how we compare and what you can expect…

Pro Pacific Rodent Services DIY Products & Techniques
100% Guaranteed Satisfaction Yes No
Rodent Proofed Home Yes No
Lifetime Guarantees Yes No
Customized Rodent Service Yes No
Avoid Exposure to Rodenticides Yes No
Avoid Exposure to Unsanitary Environments (Feces & Urine) Yes No
Avoid Removing Dead Carcasses Yes No
Technician that specializes in Rodent Control Yes No

Pro Pacific provides a service that effectively removes your rodent problem. After our trained technicians come out to service your home- Be assured your rodent problem will be gone!

Easy, Convenient Rodent Control Service

Solving your rodent problem won’t be inconvenient. You can expect us to work around your schedule. There will be no interruption in your daily routine, and you can live like you never had rats!

Call now! Let our rodent technicians take care of the problem for you. So you don’t have to…

  • Climb in attics
  • Risk injury from setting traps
  • Clean rodent urine and feces
  • Squeeze into crawlspaces
  • Handle toxic baits
  • Remove dead rodent carcasses

Guaranteed Your Rats Will Be Gone… with the First Attempt!

Solve your rodent problem on the first try. All of our services come with a warranty.

Discuss your Rat Problem with a Knowledgeable Technician

You need more than a company that provides just a rat removal service. Pro Pacific takes our service a step further. Our experienced technicians listen to your concerns. They will carefully explain how rats got into your home and solutions to get them out. Choosing the right method is easy!

Protect Your Home and Family

With your rat problem gone, you can avoid the health risks and hazards rats can cause to your family and home. Rats carry diseases that can easily be spread by consuming contaminated food sources and water supplies.

Also, it’s common for rats to chew through electrical wires in your home. This can cause a serious fire hazard putting your home and family in danger. Keep your family and assets safe with our professional rodent control services.

Call Today for an Exclusive Offer

Pro Pacific serves all of San Diego County. Find your city above to access exclusive discounts and offers. But remember, offers are for a limited time. Go to your city’s page today!

Also, if you contact Pro Pacific Rodent Control today, we’ll include a FREE inspection and 3 FREE bait stations with your scheduled service! Call now! We can save you time and money so you can use it for what you really want!

Pro Pacific Rodent Control provides effective treatments and immediate results for the right price.

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